"Where Are You Going?"
Quo Vadis, America?

These last few weeks and months have been a wild ride.

First the Covid-19 virus pandemic. Then unemployment numbers skyrocket. Then the stock market’s spectacular decline, then volatility and rise. Then the killing of George Floyd that sparked national and international demonstrations and protests.

The scale of all of these events is truly shocking/amazing. While many things happen in normal “ordinary” times, these seem to be extraordinary.

Equal Justice
Equal Justice

Since all seem to be outsized, the responses have been similarly outsized.

The virus spread has brought forth an enormous response from the medical and pharmacological industries. I suspect there will undoubtedly be many kinds of vaccines, sooner or later. Multiple types of tests will become available. Protective equipment will become widely available after a time.

The rise in unemployment gave rise to the stimulus payments and enhanced unemployment benefits. The lockdown quarantine provided an unexpected amount of time away from many jobs. For some it has been a disaster: no income. For others, a chance to be home.

The stock market crash stimulated the Federal Reserve to buoy the economy and be ready to buy just about anything or everything. I wonder: if the Fed will buy anything, why should companies bother to issue bonds or stock?

Caution Radioactive
Caution Radioactive

The outcry over the George Floyd death, and the consequential demonstrations, have given many hope that systemic societal issues can be addressed. Racism, officially sanctioned brutality, and discrimination are the results of long-standing ingrained attitudes.

America Stands At A Crossroad
How will America respond? Not at all clear yet. In one way, the election in November will be the turning point. I sure hope and expect a change in leadership. The country deserves better than what we have now.

The power of a government is to be feared. But the government’s policies can be changed. It is not easy, but it can be done.

Steady As It Goes?
When events seem extraordinary, often long-term planning is put on the shelf, and we forget that making longer-term plans is a good thing. If the circumstances of what assumptions we based plans on change, what good are the plans. But looking ahead in an attempt to prepare for the future cannot be forgotten. Preparing for a financially secure future should never go out of style.

What Can We Rely On?
History shows us very little lasts. In the long long run, there is nothing that lasts. Some things run a long time, other not so much. Some companies are designed to last a short time, others go on and on. The following is not a recommendation to buy anything, but to be aware.

By investing in dividend paying stocks, and selecting dividend reinvestment, one can grow one’s wealth with minimal effort. York Water has been paying dividends since 1816. Exxon Mobil has been paying dividends, since its prior incarnations, since 1882. Colgate-Palmolive has been paying dividends since 1895. And the list goes on.

What Must Be Done
To secure our ability to participate in a democracy, we must fight injustice. Taking care of ourselves is also our priority. There are many ways to do this: healthwise, politically, psychologically. And financially. Don’t neglect yourself.

What do you think? Let me know here.

Equal Justice is part of the phrase Equal Justice Under Law which is inscribed at the Supreme Court in Washington, D.C. The picture from the Supreme Court, and the sign ‘”Caution Radioactive” are in the public domain.

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