David Fish (1949-2018)

We have lost one of the essential ones. David Fish passed away May 12, 2018.

He provided many the information and depth needed when pursuing our goals towards financial security.

He produced the “three C’s” (CCC) every month. These are the lists of the Dividend Challengers, companies with 5-9 years of dividend increases; Dividend Contenders, companies that have paid increasing dividends for 10-24 years; and the Dividend Champions, those with 25 or more of consecutive years of dividend growth. These lists were updated monthly and were provided free of charge.

The lists are still available here , along with many other investing tools.

Needless to say, the CCC lists were enormously influential for many who are interested in dividends and equities and personal finance. I know of no other source of the comprehensive information he published.

A obituary appears here , and one can sign the guest book there as well. He was an active contributor to Seeking Alpha, a tribute appears here .

He was a financial advisor at the Moneypaper Publications of Rye, NY.

His publishing of the CCC lists was an avocation, it was not part of his employment. As a result, it is unclear as yet if his work will be continued, and who if any will take over production of the lists.

Did you know David Fish or use his CCC lists? Do you know of any other source for the Dividend lists of the type David Fish published? See the Contact page how to send a response.

[Update, June 15, 2018: see The Dividend Champions, Contenders, Challengers Lists To Be Continued.]

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Gone, Gone...
The Berlin Wall is So Over

As it happens, this week the Berlin Wall has now been gone as long as it was up.

The wall existed from August 1961 to November 1989. More than 28 years and two months.

November 1989 till this week is 28 years two months.

I am surprised I didn’t see any news items about this.

Update February 13, 2018. This topic finally made the front page of the New York Times  website.

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