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About, FAQ, GDPR Compliance

What is is a blog.

What is about? is about Money, Personal Finance, Not Working, Retirement. And related topics.

Why did you start

I wanted to comment on my experiences having stopped working (being retired).

Are you a dentist?

No. No relation to anything dental except, like most people, I have some teeth.

Where are you?
I am in the U.S., in the San Francisco Bay Area. Many references in this blog are U.S.-based. No judgment intended.

When did you start

Fall 2017.

Are you really retired/not working?

Yes. I stopped working/retired during Summer 2017. (As it happens,  I do occasionally work about one or two days a month.)

And what are you?

I am a regular person. I am not a professional financial advisor, so anything I write is my personal opinion. What works for me may not work for you. You should do your own research and determine what is right for you.

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GDPR Compliance

Q. What is GDPR?
A. When I first saw the acronymn GDPR, I thought it was an old name of East Germany, as in German Democratic People’s Republic. Wrong! GDPR is the General Data Protection Regulation from the European Union. It governs consent and privacy of data. It is effective May 25, 2018. Since I am not a lawyer, everything here is my view.

Q. What is GDPR to me?
A. I have no idea. If you are located outside of the European Union, you might be able to ignore it. If you have a web site or some other data collection enterprise, you may wish to pay attention. If you are located in the European Union, you should be aware of it already. GDPR provides some rights to the individual using websites.

Q. How would a person know if they are located within or without the European Union?
A. Gee whiz! What country are you located in? That should tell you.

Q. What is the GDPR policy for
A. Aha, now we are getting somewhere. We collect data sometimes. If you sign up for email notification of posts, we collect your email address and whatever name you entered in the signup form. If you enter your name and email address, you are consenting to receive emails from this site. Since you can subscribe or unsubscribe at any time, that is just about the limit of our data collection. If you send an email or use the Contact form, your email address is collected. We use Google’s reCaptcha feature on the Contact page, so they do all sorts of things with your email address, IP address, whatever.

Q. What about cookies from the web hosting company or email data at the email provider?
A. Yes, they are. Our web hosting company does attempt to set some cookies when you visit this site. The purpose of the cookies is ostensibly to remember you and understand how you use this site. By using this site, you agree to allow those cookies to be set and used. However, you need not accept the cookies to use this site as far as I can tell. You can set your browser (or some browsers, anyway) not to accept cookies; I do it all the time on many sites.

Our email provider does collect and maintain your email address and whatever name you entered in the signup form when you subscribe to emails. If you unsubscribe, email and name is removed periodically. Security of the stored data is maintained by the email provider. See the email signup form page for further information about the email provider and GDPR.

Q. I want more information or I have questions or I am hungry!
A. Hungry? Eat. For more information or questions about GDPR, do a Google search. To reach this site, see the Contact section above.


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