Virus Kills More Than 100,000 in the U.S., Some Still Call It A Hoax

Incredible. Rising death count, but some still stroke their own egos to deny it.

In the immortal words of Paul Simon: “A man believes what he wants to believe and disregards the rest.”

Sadly, as of this writing, the Covid-19 virus is still raging, and precautions are still needed. Many deaths have ocurred and will continue to occur. U.S. deaths will surpass 100,000, and continue to rise.

Pride and The Fall
Some seem to take pride in not following public health recommendations.

Which World Are We In?
I wouldn’t wish Covid-19 upon anyone, but let’s consider the case. Would it be of a lesser consequence if the deniers were only to get infected themselves? But no, that is not possible. If and when they become infected, they will infect their families, relatives, friends, co-workers, neighbors, and all those they come in contact with.

The desire for certainty is one of mankind’s fatal flaws. Religion, politics, social movements, all have their core belief systems. The lack of objective certainty in all of them requires a willful ignorance and a blurring of reality so as to produce an illusion which is masqueraded as fact in order to convice themselves and others of their righteousness.

At its core, uncertainty is the real human condition. But men live in fear of the unknown. As a result, they invent one kind of phantom or another of certainty upon which they thrust their need to believe.

Map by Martellus. 1489.
Map by Martellus. 1489.

Button, Button, Who’s Got The Button?
Of course, this recent phenomenon is exacerbated by their leader, a corrupt megalomaniacal narcissist. Can you imagine someone who is supposed to be a leader egging on people to ignore health warnings when in this country alone over 1.5 million people have become infected, and 100,000 people have died? And that’s just so far. Undoubtedly, these statistics will rise. You just can’t make this stuff up.

The World Leader
The U.S. now leads the world in infections and in virus deaths.

Where Do You Go?
The goal now, and as it has been for these several months, is to stay healthy. Unfortunately, that possibility has been lost for so many. If you are still healthy, take care of your self and those around you. Don’t fall prey to wishful thinking. Trump will not save you. Your ego does not need a Santa Claus.

How are you holding up, under the circumstances? See me a comment here.

The world map by Martellus. 1489, was the last attempt at a world map before Columbus. It is currently at Yale University’s Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library.

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